De Kempen - Verhuur


De Kempen Verhuur expands its fleet

De Kempen Verhuur, founded in 2006, has been part of the Willy van Doorne International holding company since 2016. De Kempen Verhuur is a niche department of DIF-RENT, together they are good for a rental fleet of around 400 tractors, trucks, vans and specific "Waste sector" vehicles.

With a key delivery at the DAF Truck Trading Limburg concession in Houthalen, De Kempen Verhuur is adding another 5 new DAF vehicles to its fleet.

The target group of De Kempen Verhuur are intermunicipal companies, municipalities, transport companies and all potential customers who are active in environmental management and waste processing. That means that there are very different cars in the rental fleet. Consider, for example, vortex vacuum trucks, classic garbage trucks, garbage trucks with two compartments, sweepers, weed brush machines, vacuum trucks but also trucks with a container hook system and construction crane.

The company currently manages the largest fleet of cleaning vehicles in our country.

Clemens van Rijn, Sales and Operations Manager at De Kempen Verhuur, explains: “We offer a customized solution for every customer. This means that we put together a car that offers the most suitable solution for the requirements and questions of the customer. We have around 40 specific trucks linked to the "Waste sector" and we continue to expand our fleet every year. This makes it possible to respond quickly to the rental needs of the customer if a vehicle breaks down due to breakdown or accident, to quickly arrange for a replacement. At the same time we offer the possibility to maintain and repair the cars through our extensive DAF & Mercedes-Benz dealer network that Willy van Doorne International has at its disposal.

After all, that is not something for which you can go to every dealer. Our trucks have specific bodies that, for example, make extensive use of hydraulic components. That requires some knowledge from the maintenance technicians, which is why we work together with our specialized dealer network that has the necessary knowledge in-house. We also have technical depots in Wijnegem, Puurs, Houthalen and Henri-Chapelle and Bande through the DAF concession companies of the Truck Trading Group. Thanks to the collaboration with DIF-RENT, it is also easily possible to arrange tractors or standard trucks for customers. Quite a few customers in the De Kempen Verhuur market segment regularly have work for tractors with a hydraulic pump to drive walking floor trailers.


The majority of De Kempen Verhuur's fleet consists of DAF trucks, but other brands are also on offer, explains Clemens van Rijn: “We also have Mercedes-Benz and Iveco in our fleet. What the customer requests is supplied by us. It is also logical that intermunicipal companies, which mainly work with public tenders, do not always end up with the same brand that must be purchased and built up. " Because De Kempen Verhuur not only rents out, the sale and construction of the vehicles can also be filled in by the company. “We mainly work with Belgian builders. There are a number of good reasons for this: Mol VDK not only provides excellent quality and customization, they also provide advice and assistance for service and maintenance. The short communication line to Mol VDK, Geesink and Faun is also important to us. They ensure that our workshops and dealers can respond quickly and smoothly when needed.